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Safari is an Internet browser released on June 30, 2003. It is included with Apple's macOS on the iMac and MacBook, and iOS on the iPhone and iPad. It is also available for the iPod Touch.


On June 24, 2013, Apple announced Safari for the PC and Microsoft Windows operating system is discontinued. Older versions are still available, but with Apple no longer supporting the Windows-based Safari browser, we suggest an alternative browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Features of Safari

Safari includes many features for users to have a great browsing experience. Some popular and commonly used ones are listed below.
  • Home page customization.
  • Sync passwords and bookmarks across Apple devices, including a Mac computer, iPhone, and iPad.
  • Handoff feature allowing users to pass activities being done on one device to another device when the devices are near each other.
  • Stronger security measures for improved protection of personal data and account credentials.
  • Full web page language translation with a single click.
  • Create notes while browsing the Internet without minimizing Safari using the Quick Note feature.
  • Save favorite web pages to the macOS Dock or iPhone and iPad home screen.

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